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The varied activities in the area are also available for the younger ones, making the Lot et Garonne the perfect holiday destination for families.

There are well-prepared cycling tours, some of them passing Villa Lafage. Ranging from a few kilometers to a day filling activity. We have detailed maps available.

Discover Bournel in the Vallee du Dropt through one of the many walking tracks. Via the old Roman road, along forest paths and through the wide fields. A nice walk starts from Villa Lafage, also suitable for children. Take a picnic to go and enjoy the beautiful views.

Canoe down the Dordogne river, past ancient châteaux and rustic villages. There are trips possible from 7 to 22 km. Stopping off for a spot of gentle sightseeing and enjoy the beautiful nature along the way. Or rent a boat at Tremolat for an afternoon wake-boarding or water skiing. Also fun for children, even from the age of 4 years old!

The Vézère valley, located in the heart of Perigord, is a region renowned for its heritage and lifestyle. It is famous for its prehistoric remains, unlike any others in the world. The Lascaux caves, where the famous murals were found, is particularly interesting and educational.

Nearby there are several beautiful golf courses, such as Golf de Vigier and Castelnaud, suitable for both the beginner and the professional.